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A Hole No BandAid Will Ever Heal by *ecmajor

Take Me Home

As I walk naked in the shadows unseen by my light; a thief of thine heart.

Take me home.

Freely I show to you my hooves, my body shape and form.

Take me home.

I seek you night and day yet I never lose my way.

Take me home.

Stay strong, I most. Never shale I lose trust in what was stolen, no… given to you.  My heart.

Take me home.

A place I can lay my head and finally tell my self… “I belong here.” but you tell me “No… We belong here.”

Take me home.

Not knowing how far. Not knowing how long. Just know what I say is true.

I’m coming home to you.

Are you the lucky one?

Kiss the others methods but stay blind from the blood.

Never go back from what was done.

Do not try to ignore what has begone. 

The others life is flooded with salty pain.

Bloody, Tears.

Enjoy the others lust.

Because one, will fade from an opine heart.

Oil and Water.

Blood and Love.

Trust one,

But fear the other.

One faints.

Don’t turn your back on another.

The other will not be ignored.

Question question… Miss Pinkamina?… Question question…

Love in the dark.

Out of love for your fear.

Out of fear for you sadness.

And out of sadness for you tears.

One can’t breath.

One can’t see.

One can’t touch the other.

Please forgive One.

Please forgive One for the others weakness.

What should one do with out the other.


So sorry.

So very sorry.

Don’t let one go.

Don’t let one fade.

Just let one cry for the other.

Question question… Miss Pinkamina?… Question question…

Hold out your hand.

Like a tree one can not run from the other.

The other wants nothing but a pain filled bucket.

One wants nothing but the others hand.

Fear is death.

Death is heartless.

Understanding how the other feels is clear as blood.

Let one cries be heard only for the one its for.

Not for the dead or for the pain to come.

But for the other.

No tears.

Like a random number.

The game goes on.




Question question… Miss Pinkamina?… Question question…

One and Another.

The eyes of the other, killed more than one.

But it brakes the heart of this one.

This one can not understand the other.

This one is merely a viewer of another.

What should one do if this ones heart was taken by the untouchable?

Through flesh,… and through bone, over tears, and the unspeakable.

Who is one, to the other?

The eyes of one loved, but like a number,… time was inevitable.

Question question… Miss Pinkamina?… Question question…

Love and Fear

One knows the other have been called this.

One knows that the other have been called that.

But would you know one?

What if one was the opposite?

If love is blind than the other can take ones eyes.

One loves what fear is, and the thought of the other is mindless.

But would you know one? 

Like being far away from who the other is.

Question question… Miss Pinkamina?… Question question…

If one let you take its heart would you tell the other what’s wrong with it?

If the other fixes it would the other keep it safe?

Please forgive one for knowing not about the other, but about how the other fills.

But would you know one?

Is it not safe to say that the others depression gives one butterflies?

One wants to hold out but will the other give it back?

Other scares one when it closes its eyes. 

But would you know one?

For reasons more than one.

Question… Miss Pinkamina?… Question…

Nothing is set in stone.

But the other can carve it as deep as the sky.

But will it still bleed?

If… if ones last hours are as clear as a drawn number,

How long would the other give one?

If one broke down and cried out for the other, 

would the other put one back together?


My question of the day is…

Would you let one cry on the others shoulders?…

One never wants the other to forget…

Miss Pinkamina?…

One loves the other.

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